Saturday, June 27, 2009

How to make gluten-free brownies in a small apartment in South Korea

Step One: ask a friend to send a care package and include in it on package of gluten-free brownie mix (if you want to make your brownies from scratch, ask your friend to send gluten-free flour instead).

Step Two: when the package arrives, open it and mix the powdery contents with water, oil and and egg (or follow the directions on the package) in a large bowl. Add as much good chipped or chunked chocolate as you wish (NOTE: this will have to be care packaged into the country as well). When well mixed, pour half of the batter into an oiled dolsot bowl and the other half into another oiled dolsot bowl and let sit.

Step Three: Remove your winter socks from the microwave and move the microwave from the bottom of your closet into the kitchen.

Step Four: Move the pots that rest on the stove burners because there is no room for them in the cabinet to the top of the shoe closet, where you usually store bottles of wine and fruit (move the wine and fruit over until everything fits).

Step Five: After putting away any dry dishes, move the dish rack from between the stove burners and the sink to the chair in the other room.

Step Six: Put the microwave on the stove burners and the space that used to be occupied by the dish rack and plug it in.

Step Seven: Insert the first dolsot bowl and microwave for five minutes.

Step Eight: Take out the first dolsot bowl and set it aside (on the ledge in front of the sink is most convenient, but be careful not to knock the bowl into the sink or onto the floor!). Then put the second dolsot bowl into the microwave on high for five minutes.

Step Nine: Take out the second dolsot bowl and set it next to the first.

Step Ten: Unplug the microwave and set it on the floor where it can cool off for several minutes before moving it back to the closet. You will want to let it air out well before storing your socks inside it again.

Step Eleven: Move the dish rack from the chair to the space between the stove and the sink and return the pots to the stove top. This will allow to do the brownie dishes!

Step Twelve: Move the brownies to cool on the shoe closet (of course, this should be done before you do the dishes!)

Step Thirteen: Enjoy! (...and send for more brownies and chocolate!)


  1. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog googling "gluten free bakery seoul." I have been here six weeks, am from Oregon, and I am having trouble finding gluten-free baked goods. Please shoot me an email with what you have found--I could use the advice! I am Heather: And your posting is precisely how baking brownies would be in my apartment. Thanks & cheers!

  2. Thanks a lot it has been a good support, now to make gluten-free brownies in a small is definitely very easy by using your guidance. Thanks